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Studio Portrait

you can use your studio photo in magazines, newspapers, websites and social media or may be print for memorys


Studio portraiture is an incredibly versatile genre of photography: images can be anything from bright, punchy, high-key images full of light and energy, to dark, intense images that draw the viewer to the subjects eyes. And a whole lot in between!

Events & Family Photography

food festivals, dinner evenings, product launches or family holiday - wedding, birthday and other


Event photographer photographs various events, capturing the atmosphere and personalities of each occasion. From conference photography, product launches, seminars in restaurant and opening nights for bars to small family birthday or wedding. 


celebrities and talent, executives and staff members for editorial and commercial usage


Photographer relaxed approach aims to make even the most nervous sitter feel at ease in front of the lense and enjoy the photographic experience. Photographer takes portraits that are natural and best reflect the sitters, bringing his own perspective whilst also interpreting the brief set by the creative team. 

Food & Drink Photography

restaurants, food, drinks and interiors


Accomplished at working with restaurants, publishers and PR & Advertising agencies to create distinctive Food & Drink photography. Including studio photoshoots as well as still-life or lifestyle imagery on location at restaurants, private members clubs, cafes or bars. The resulting photographs are then implemented across websites, social media and in print collateral such as magazines, cookbooks and various other press, marketing or advertising campaigns.

Re-Coloring & Edit Photo

photographer spends much time in a portrait studio or outdoor making photo, but re-coloring and retouchig, editing photo is a very impotant part of work


Re-coloring, adding color or removing colors are services we can do for you. We have all photo editing software in order to digitally edit.


Some photos require editing. In fact, editing of photos take many profession skills and much time. In order to be a great photo editor, we invest in a good software program and have great expirience in this skill that will allow we to edit your photographs digitally. We charge per photo, or for the types of edits.

Photo Manipulation

most businesses use photo manipulation service to make image ready for marketing or business use


When it comes to digital manipulations, we have to tell you that there are two elementary varieties of it. They are technical retouch and creative retouch. Technical retouching is imperative when we are dealing with the augmentation of the picture quality. It embraces diverse alterations such as noise or sharpness correction. Alterations of the color and the elimination of unwanted components like skin blemishes. So, as you see from the name itself, it concerns the technical aspect of manipulation. It is pretty understandable it serves to make a photograph more attractive, attention-grabbing and easy to remember. The second type is also a kind of art and is used for producing some bright, glossy and provocative shots for the commercial usage. 


Photo manipulation is the art of amending and manipulating usual photographs to improve and augment their qualities so as to transmute these into something appealing and tempting. It essentially encompasses numerous approaches and methods so as to alter and transmute photographs to accomplish the desired outcomes. This photo manipulation technique is applied for meeting some artistic facets. 

2K-Photo is the perfect environment for almost any task. These are just a few of the services we offer, with quick and cost-effective solutions for every client brief if you are in Kyiv region and need a professional photographer, contact us today.

A professional photographer click can capture all the emotions and moments that will later translate into memories. Combining the ideal, sought-after light, setting and mood, a professional photography service allows you to capture photos you can be truly be proud of. Whether it be an event, wedding, interior, product, food, fashion or portrait shoot, professional photographers are equipped with the know-how to define your real-time moments into precious photos for both personal and business needs.

Backed by years of extensive industry experience in the domain of photography, 2K-Photo offers the very best in professional photography services in Ukraine.